executive envelopes

Executive® Envelopes are known for quality and performance.

They have proven, over the last 50 years, to be one of the most efficient designs known.

Manufactured with unsurpassed quality assurance, Executive® Envelopes have demonstrated exceptional results for inserting applications and are the preferred design on extraction equipment worldwide.

Executive® brand envelopes are a proprietary product exclusive to Cenveo.


Dry Packing: Prevents tacking inside the carton.

Diagonal Seam Construction: Specifically designed for high-speed inserting and extracting equipment.

Edge-Tight Gumming: Keeps inserts from catching during high-speed operations.


Combine Executive Envelopes® with Envelock™ to create a sustainable and secure option for your confidential documents.

Envelock’s™ green pattern provides proof of tamper-evidence if the mailpiece was opened.

Micro-perf protection can be added into the seal flap for further security evidence.